Thursday, 23 October 2014

More Retro Gaming - Tomb Raider Chronicles

With the half holidays coming up for many, if they haven't already started then it time to find something to keep the little and big ones assumed on those rainy and windy autumn days.

One thing you can  do that doesn't cost the world is either dig out some of those old games you haven't played in ages or take a trip to town and have a look around the local charity shops for old computer games, which normally cost about a pound depending on the shop you go to. A modern machine will be able to play a five year old game with ease at more than reasonable graphics settings and decent frame rates.

One game I dug up from my collection  was Tomb Raider Chronicles which was the fifth game in the Tomb Raider series, which started back on the original Play Station and the PC. The story starts with the funeral of Laura Croft, the lead character in the series, who was lost and presumed dead at the end of Tomb Raider The Last Revelation, commonly known as Tomb Raider 4, and takes you though a number adventures based on the memories of some of her friends that attended the funeral. 

It was a game I remember playing when it first playing shortly after the game first came out in 2000 and it sold 1.5 million copies on all platforms which made it the second most successful game in the series, and it one of the best of the early games. The game play and story line are wonderful, although the graphics are a long way off what we expect today. Still it is well worth playing and even comes with a level editor so you can make up your own levels.

It is one of many classic games out there that are just waiting to be rediscovered and played again. A great way to amuse yourself for little or no money and if you get the games from charity shops you are giving to others too.

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